10 Amazing DIY Decoration Ideas at Low Budget but Look Luxury

Wherever we are, including where there are four walls around us, we always want to feel comfortable and comfortable. Invite reception rooms, modern kitchens and of course a harmonious living room. All of this is an important part of a comfortable home. But more importantly, of course, are small details. You can quickly lose control of your design – especially if you don’t want to spend so much money.

Mendek a room at home is indeed a nice thing, especially if you have high creativity. But sometimes the decorating idea fails to be realized because it is blocked. Then how to make a decoration that seems expensive at a low cost and also easy to make?

DIY Decoration Ideas
DIY Decoration Ideas

1. Decorative lights from Styrofoam glasses

A small Styrofoam glass can be used as a lamp decoration. By using this, it will cause a dim light but soft and comfortable. Of course, this decoration will be suitable if applied to your room.

1 Decorative Lights From Styrofoam Glasses
Decorative lights from Styrofoam glasses – Source: pinterest.com

2. Curtain hook from a rope

Changing the upper curtain hook can make a different atmosphere in a room. Usually, expensive curtain hooks can be used using a rope. The appearance of your curtains will look unique and interesting. افضل 100 مسلسل اجنبي

2 Curtain Hook From A Rope
Curtain hook from a rope – Source: pinterest.com

3. Lamp Decoration from Button

Do you want to have more artistic lamp decorations? You can use buttons. To be cheaper, use used buttons. But by buying a few buttons it will be much cheaper when compared to buying a finished lamp decoration. العب لعبة

3 Lamp Decoration From Button
Lamp Decoration from Button – Source: flickr.com

4. Hook the Curtain from the Necklace

A large curtain will look better when using a binder. This binder will be unique if you use a necklace. To make it look luxurious and classic, use a necklace that has stone ornaments.

4 Hook The Curtain From The Necklace
Hook the Curtain from the Necklace – Source: pinterest.com

5. Learning Lights from Used Cardboard

Do you have a lot of used cardboard? Use these boxes to be used as home decoration materials. One simple example is by making a learning lamp from the cardboard. You also only need to make a pattern on the cardboard, cut it, then pair the lights.

5 Learning Lights From Used Cardboard
Learning Lights from Used Cardboard – Source: instructables.com

6. Hide Cables with Books

Do you feel uncomfortable with a messy cable at home? Maybe you can use a used book. Yes, you can use the cover of a book to cover the cable. For example, for a router, you can hide it behind the book.

6 Hide Cables With Books
Hide Cables with Books – Source: pinterest.com

7. Styrofoam wall hangings

Simply collect Styrofoam and make a pattern on it. After that, paint each styrofoam and arrange it on the wall of your room. The right arrangement will be able to make your wall look more beautiful.

7 Styrofoam Wall Hangings
Styrofoam wall hangings – Source: imperfecthomemaking.com

8. Hanging lights from graters

If you have a grater that is blunt and unused, try using it to make decorative lights. The method is easy, just hang the grater and put the lamp inside. The light coming out of the grater hole will look more beautiful.

8 Hanging Lights From Graters
Hanging lights from graters – Source: pinterest.com

9. Tables from Book Stacks

Unused piles of books can be made into a very unique table. You can simply prepare unused books, boards, and paper glue. Next, arrange the books and glue each of the books using glue. After that, just place the plywood on top.

9 Tables From Book Stacks
Tables from Book Stacks – Source: pinterest.com

10. Plastic Flower Decoration from Used Bottles

If you have many used plastic bottles that are not used, you can make decorations for your home decoration. This decoration will later be like flowers. The method is very easy, you just need to cut the bottom of the used bottle. After that, arrange the pieces and you will get a beautiful decoration. موقع ون كارد

10 Plastic Flower Decoration From Used Bottles
Plastic Flower Decoration from Used Bottles – Source: thebetterindia.com

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