10 Beautiful and Creative Tiny Houses That Maximize Function Your Home

Small houses have sprung up all over the country because more people have decided to save their lives. While structures often experience less than 300 square feet, the small house movement is not always about sacrifice.

With a challenging and innovative design, some homeowners have found a small house aimed at a more complete life, connecting it with family, friends, and nature while releasing them from the mortgage and buying for the family.

Creative Tiny Houses
Creative Tiny Houses

1. Harborside Tiny House

You will find ocean decoration inspiration in every corner and gap of this recently restored seaside retreat located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. From its weathered surface to its blue ocean floor, full of beautiful ideas for homeowners who love the sea.

1 Harborside Tiny House
Harborside Tiny House

2. Reclamation Timber Cabin on the Stage

In this tiny cabin inspired by this tree house, you will find church windows that are saved, reclaimed wood, and funky dining tables made from old ships.

2 Reclamation Timber Cabin On The Stage
Reclamation Timber Cabin On The Stage

3. Tiny House Hotel

Try living frugally for size at Live a Little, a collection of three mini-retreats, including the Dark Blue Chair shown here, surrounding the central fire pit on a beautiful mountaintop property outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.

3 Tiny House Hotel
Tiny House Hotel

4. An adorable A-Frame cabin

This cute 80 square foot guest cabin was built in just three weeks. You will find comfort in this tiny house creation.

4 An Adorable A Frame Cabin
An Adorable A-Frame Cabin

5. Pump It Up

This tiny house is a musician’s dream: a giant amp house that works and the deck even doubles as a stage.

5 Pump It Up
Pump It Up

6. Swing Greenhouses and Terraces

With a greenhouse and a terrace that can be attached, Elsa by Olive Nest Tiny Homes proves that you can still have everything in a small space.

6 Swing Greenhouses And Terraces
Swing Greenhouses And Terraces

7. Tiny But Mighty

This small house known as Nugget is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. Tiny design with complete facilities that are comfortable right?

7 Tiny But Mighty
Tiny But Mighty

8. Dreamy Treehouse

This treehouse-slash-guest room looks small from the outside but boasts a living room, office area, and bedroom within.

8 Dreamy Treehouse
Dreamy Treehouse

9. Weird Little Cottage

The most popular option in the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company fleet, Cypress offers windows, mini corner terraces, and usable space for up to 269 square feet.

9 Weird Little Cottage
Weird Little Cottage

10. Chic house

The Cedar Mountain Tiny House, built by New Frontier Tiny Homes based in Nashville, may look small on the outside, but inside, it’s big on a farmhouse-style design. With old accessories, ship ledges, subway tiles, and hardwood floors, it is the perfect combination of rustic and modern simplicity.

10 Chic House
Chic House

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