10+ Creative DIY Floating Shelves Ideas You Must Try

Decorating a house by presenting DIY floating shelves can certainly be a pleasant interior. Besides its function as a storage area so that your goods can be a beautiful decoration. So that its presence is quite influential on the aesthetics of the room.

With storage, we can store all the items in a concise place. When the house is safe from scattered goods, a more spacious atmosphere will be more felt and present a more comfortable atmosphere in the house. The problem now, like what is the best storage area for a narrow house and how to design it so that the atmosphere of the house looks harmonious?

Creative DIY Floating Shelves Ideas
Creative DIY Floating Shelves Ideas

You might not want everything you have to display. But there are some who should be able to have a special place to show off. So the need for space or storage area becomes very important. The problem of storing these items is almost always a common case in every dwelling. Whether it’s a house or an apartment. After all, where would we store valuables if we didn’t have a special storage room?

Now, speaking of shelves, this piece of furniture is also not difficult to make from used items in your home. You can even make it from used cardboard as decoration on the walls of the house. DIY wall shelves would be something unique. You can design it according to taste, and adjust it to the design concept of the room you are using.

In addition, by making your own shelves, you will relax very much. You don’t need to buy a rack with a certain material, from a certain brand, at a price that is much more expensive.

Here Are DIY Floating Shelves Ideas You Must Try

Impressive Floating Shelves Design
Impressive Floating Shelves Design – Source: traditionalbeams.com
Industrial DIY FLoating Shelves
Industrial DIY Floating Shelves – Source: omghomedecor.com
Living Room Floating Shelves Ideas
Living Room Floating Shelves Ideas – Source: vsesamodelki.ru
Wonderful DIY Wall Shelf Design
Wonderful DIY Wall Shelf Design – Source: pinterest.com.au
Decorative Floating Shelves Ideas
Decorative Floating Shelves Ideas – Source: icanhasgif.com
DIY Hexagonal Floating Shelves
DIY Hexagonal Floating Shelves – Source: pinterest.co.uk
DIY Wall Shelf Ideas
DIY Wall Shelf Ideas – Source: usdecorating.com
DIY Wall Shelves Design
DIY Wall Shelves Design – Source: thesecretlifeofswimmers.com
Floating Shelves Design Ideas
Floating Shelves Design Ideas – Source: beyondstores.com
Awesome Wall Shelves Design
Awesome Wall Shelves Design – Source: yandex.com
Beautiful Wall Shelves Design
Beautiful Wall Shelves Design – Source: xingsuo.me
Best DIY Wall Shelves Ideas
Best DIY Wall Shelves Ideas – Source: pinterest.co.uk
Corner Floating Wall Shelves Ideas
Corner Floating Wall Shelves Ideas – Source: tr.pinterest.com
Creative Floating Shelves Ideas
Creative Floating Shelves Ideas – Source: grottepastenaecollepardo.org

Hopefully, this idea can help you in making wall shelves that can make your home look more beautiful.

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