10+ Fancy Garden Decorating Ideas with Grass and Stones

Aside from being a place to relax and channel hobbies, parks are very useful as rainwater uptake. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to cover the parking area using solid materials such as ceramic floors. In addition to grass, you can also minimalist garden models with stones such as natural stone, paving blocks, gravel, or river stones. You can combine grass with these rocks.

The benefits of grass and rocks, in addition to beautifying the park, can also be used as a water absorber at home, especially when it rains, this is so that your home is protected from flooding because it has a place that absorbs floods. If you have a water catchment area at home, that means you have contributed to reducing the potential for flooding around the house, even in the city where you live.

Fancy Garden Decorating Ideas With Grass And Stones
Fancy Garden Decorating Ideas With Grass And Stones

Well, here we will provide some garden decoration ideas using grass and rocks and their benefits.

10+ Fancy Garden Decorating Ideas with Grass and Stones

1. River Stone

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Apart from covering the land area, the use of river stones can also be used as a place of reflection in the park. Just like gravel, covering the soil in a garden area with river stones also allows rainwater to seep better into the soil. River stone has many colors and benefits. And the most widely used is gray stone. Usually, the gray stone is often used as the main material for Zen-style gardens. Zen Garden, is a typical Japanese garden design that is dominated by Japanese Sakura rocks and has several green plants in it.

Japanese Stone Garden Design
Japanese Stone Garden Design – gongetech.com

2. Gravel

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Gravel can be used to beautify the garden and also allows rainwater to sink better and easier into the ground. You simply spread the gravel thoroughly in an area that is not planted with grass.

3. Natural Stone

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Natural stone is a suitable material to be used as an accent to beautify an environmentally friendly park. In addition to allowing water to still enter the ground, natural stone is also often used as an accent for garden decoration because of its appearance and natural color. Not only gray-black, but natural stones also have abstract white, reddish-brown, and others. Selection of the type of natural stone you can adjust to the desired garden concept and design. As a footing or floor base, the use of natural stone should be placed without glue in the form of cement. That way, rainwater that falls into the area can get back into the ground through cracks between one rock and another stone.

4. Paving Block

Road Landscape Design Grass
Road Landscape Design Grass – stepstoneinc.com
Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas
Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas – pinterest.de.com

Paving Block has a solid texture and strong durability, making paving blocks often chosen as a material for garden footing. Using paving blocks as a garden base can help maintain the quantity of water in your home environment. The paving block forming medium is hollow in nature and structure. Rainwater can infiltrate through the cavities to the ground.

5. Combination of Grass and Stone

Rock Garden Design Ideas
Rock Garden Design Ideas – limonreal.com
Gardener Grass
Gardener Grass – pinterest.cl.com

The grass is very useful, in addition to beautifying plants, grass can also absorb rainwater into the ground. But sometimes some people are lazy to plant grass. If you are lazy or do not have time to plant and maintain grass, just use synthetic materials that can be easily bought in stores. Make a special area that is restricted by using a small wooden fence, then spread the white gravel evenly in the area. If it is spread evenly, put synthetic grass on it.

Well, those are some decorating ideas for parks using grass and rocks, hopefully inspiring you. If you want to read other articles from us about Rustic Backyard Wedding Party Decor Ideas visit here

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