15 Gorgeous Succulent Garden Ideas for Your Backyard

Being as popular as current trends in miniature fairy gardens, we will examine how to plant succulents, how to plant succulents and then give some examples of beautiful succulent settings.

Where once succulent gardens were rarely seen, and it was a special cactus arrangement next to a farm-style house, the succulent arrangement is now found everywhere: on the terrace, in the office environment, in an office building, by the pool, in front. Why is their popularity increasing? Yes, for one thing, they are very easy to grow and maintain.

Succulent Garden Ideas
Succulent Garden Ideas

Because they are tolerant of low water levels, they can thrive in a dry environment, and they hardly need water at all. Here are some beautiful succulent garden design ideas.

1. Desert Ice Wonderland

Perfect for an outdoor spot in any season of the year, this succulent design centers on an enchanting floral presentation that highlights giving various shades of blue to help accent a cool, inspiring arrangement. This alluring display can best be realized as it’s placed in upward spiraling two-tier fountain dish structure when growing plants in a succulent garden setting.

1 Desert Ice Wonderland Ranchoreubidoux Com
Desert Ice Wonderland – source: Ranchoreubidoux.com

2. Living Waters

Perfect for an outdoor, ranch-like desert setting, this display arrangement can be easily created by having just one kind of succulent plant. When the entire display is carefully placed within another garden bed, the effect is even more enchanting as you could almost swear the succulent display has come to life in streams of living waters.

2 Living Waters Designerdreamhomes Ru
Living Waters – source: Designerdreamhomes.ru

3. Over Finnian’s Rainbow

A virtual three-dimensional effect with a myriad of color schemes can be easily designed and planted in a garden bed or a large container. An enchanting concept in plant decoration, vibrant succulents are augmented with other broadleaf plants surrounding the succulent array.

3 Over Finnian’s Rainbow Ecoosfera Com
Over Finnian’s Rainbow – source: Ecoosfera.com

4. By The Wayside

A truly creative way to put aside border to good use is this side succulent display presentation. There’s no watering needed here, but a ground cover of smooth stones or coral rock will do just fine. Pleasing to the sight and a practical way to use up space along a garden or house wall, your selection of various plants is dictated only by your taste in size and colors.

4 By The Wayside Happymodern Ru
By The Wayside – source: Happymodern.ru

5. A Florentine Delight

Having an old fountain dish on a pedestal can be the makings of an antique Florentine floral arrangement. Adding to it just a few succulent plants, hanging plants and some vividly colored cacti will give it a distinctive look found nowhere else in your garden.

5 A Florentine Delight Upsocl Com
A Florentine Delight – source: Upsocl.com

6. Cinder Block Garden

If you’re like most homeowners, then you might have some old concrete cinder blocks in your backyard. However, using a little imagination with your succulent planting endeavors, you’ll create something that’ll become the talk of the town among your lady friends for sure. Placing the blocks several tiers deep, add soil and place your cactus or succulent on a one per cinder block hole basis.

6 Cinder Block Garden Liptalk Com
Cinder Block Garden – source: Liptalk.com

7. My Hanging Garden

Vertical gardens are now coming of age and their versatility is well appreciated in balcony areas, walled areas and basically, anywhere there’s a wall to hang this design. When hung from a painted wall backdrop, and planted with contrasting colored cacti plants, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood as others grab hold of this innovative concept in both cactus gardens and vertical gardens.

7 My Hanging Garden Woodenpalletfurniture Com
My Hanging Garden – source: Woodenpalletfurniture.com

8. Rosebuds In The Desert

Surrounding desert palms, or any other vertical plants, with a large-sized succulent, give an amazing effect to your garden arrangement. The long, vertical-growing San Pedro Cactus and Zanzibar Gem provide an elegant backdrop for your growing, swirling Rosetta succulents encircling their upright vertical plant neighbors.

8 Rosebuds In The Desert Multivasos Blogspot Hu
Rosebuds In The Desert – source: Multivasos.blogspot.hu

9. By The Beautiful Sea

A trip to your local beach is bound to yield an abundance of treasures such as beautiful, naturally sculpted seashells. Using a glue gun, glue these flat, uniform size shells to a terracotta pot leaving no spot undone. If need be, paint the pots beforehand to cover any exposed terracotta pot areas with the matching seashell color.

9 By The Beautiful Sea Billabong Com
By The Beautiful Sea – source: Billabong.com

10. Wooden Wonderland

Having just a touch of Bonsai, this succulent arrangement will draw forth many delightful comments from your garden visitors. Dried out wooden logs, large rock formations and a piece of wooden deck set the stage for this alluring arrangement of succulents in your back or front yard area.

10 Wooden Wonderland Buzzhand Com
Wooden Wonderland – source: Buzzhand.com

11. The Greatest Is Love

Monograms have never truly been out of fashion. When you spell a particular word out, your cactus design with its wide selection of multi-colored patterns will make your succulent flowers presentation all the more lovely. Using wooden alphabet letters spelling whatever sentiment you choose, simply insert your favorite cuttings in sphagnum moss planting medium, and let them take root.

11 The Greatest Is Love Etsy Com
The Greatest Is Love – source: Etsy.com

12. Stand And Deliver!

Continuing on with the trending direction of vertical gardens, let’s keep in mind the various purposes for planting succulents as used in interior design concepts today. Using a wide selection of cactus-like plants becomes all the easier when you use vertical planters against a wall to save space. As vertical garden frames come in many sizes and textures, you also have the option of either building or buying a single, double or horizontal frame.

12 Stand And Deliver WordPress Com
Stand And Deliver – source: WordPress.com

13. Cinder On The Wall

Once again using a decorative variation for those unsightly cinder cement blocks you may have in your future succulent garden scheme, you can opt to build a beautiful retaining wall, or a cinder block wall, for privacy from unwelcomed prying eyes. Simply arrange a straight line with your blocks and build a one, two or three-tier wall with the blocks leaving the top-most tier opened. Next, plant your collection of plants in each opening.

13 Cinder On The Wall Serenitysecretgarden Com
Cinder On The Wall – Serenitysecretgarden.com

14. One To A Peg

You don’t need much to create this interesting eclectic design. Just choose the small-sized succulent plant of your liking, have on hand several rectangular or whatever shaped plastic containers of similar size and fill with colored gravel, or sand, or whatever color you choose. Your plants can set a single color scheme or they can be arranged in a multi-color scheme.

14 One To A Peg Plentyofcolour Com
One To A Peg – source: Plentyofcolour.com

15. California Dreaming

If you live in a particular region that’s prone to dryness, or even frequent drought conditions, then you might benefit both visually and practically from this self-contained reservoir garden delight. Although it’s not a water guzzler, you’ll still have to give this arrangement a drink every so often. However, overall, it can be considered a “camel” and a must under dry conditions.

15 California Dreaming Weheartit Com
California Dreaming – source: Weheartit.com

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