15 Perfect Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas In 2019

Soft Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Design. Minimalism. What does that mean to you? Does that say the white walls, wooden floors, and French windows are wide open? Does it look like a sofa block, strong architecture, noiseless colors, and patterns? Minimalism does not have to mean choosing furniture and accessories that are simple, boring or inexpensive. Simply means ‘more or less’, minimalism can help focus your room on the mood or theme you want.

Color it beautifully, with a row of pink sofas placed on the white floor. Make it dramatic, with striking beige and white lines dividing your room in half.

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15 Comfortable Bedroom Design Ideas With Beautiful Pastel Colors

Turquoise And White Bedroom

Pastel color rooms are currently very popular. They have a calming effect and offer a variety of possibilities. We offer some creative ideas for this pastel color scheme for you to give the room a modern and stylish look!

The biggest advantage of the combination of pastel color space. The soft peppermint color is complemented by purple. Pink and yellow go together. Blue, yellow and purple are mixtures that can’t go wrong. The trick is to mix colors – choose the right base color – light blue, pink, purple, green, gray and even the base is very suitable. Yellow should be adjusted only as of the accent color in the scene. If you abstain completely from dark colors.

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10 Impressive Ceiling Painting Ideas For Your Small Home

Pastel Interior Tones

Most of us have a choice of safe white ceilings. After all, almost everything in the room and someone once said a white ceiling made the room feel bigger and brighter. Although this is often true, painting your ceiling as a color other than white is not always a bad choice. In fact, the dramatic effect has many design benefits. If you are tempted to get out of your comfort zone, we have a few tips on adding color to your ceiling and changing your space.

Many designers know that five walls are a key element in a design scheme. Here, we share some of our favorite spaces that feature statement ceilings, unexpected blue varnishes to rustic beams.

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How To Create DIY LED Light Design Ideas In Low-Budget


Making a decoration in the house is certainly a desire of everyone. Especially if we can make decoration in our homes with our own creations, it will certainly be a more special thing in the house. Therefore, let’s try to make work for us to display in our homes.

As one of the creative ideas of beautiful decorative lights like this flower. We can make it with materials that are easy to obtain and of course with a low budget. Even if you don’t want to incur expenses, you can use used items to make them. Are you curious? let’s see how to make beautiful decorative lamps that you should try.

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10 Best Before and After Kitchen Renovation For Inspire You

Home Remodelers Imposing

A kitchen renovation is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make, but a successful transformation can work wonders for a home and its value. Whether your kitchen only requires mild refreshment or full intestine renovation, the best place to start is with some inspiration. We have put together extraordinary models for you to show off kitchens in various styles and sizes, ranging from sleek and contemporary to minimalist small kitchens.

Discover how top architects and interior designers create the kitchen spaces of their clients (and themselves) dreams, complete with state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious surfaces, and plenty of room for daily cooking and dining. See this amazing before and after to find inspiration for your next kitchen renovation.

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10 Wonderful DIY Corner Shelves Design Ideas You Have To See

Floating Corner Shelves Ideas

There’s not much you can put in there, but although the choices are limited in terms of design and interior decoration, there are a number of great possibilities that are practical and stylish. One example is a corner wall shelf that adds more storage to space and also allows you to display things on it. Today we show you some of our favorite DIY corner shelf ideas in the hope that they will inspire you to your next home improvement project.

Who among us hasn’t looked for ways in which we can maximize space in our homes without sacrificing aesthetics and style! This is a common theme in most homes throughout the world and often hunting for more space makes us disappointed simply because we refuse to pay attention to forgotten corners or realize all the potential they have. Empty corners in the living room or small alcoves in the kitchen can add a lot of storage space without you needing to provide massive repairs.

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10 Impressive Lampshade Models For More Elegant Houses

Orange Lampshade

Light is one of the most important elements in housing. Apart from being a lighting source, installing the right lighting can also highlight the architectural and interior concepts that you adopt so that housing can look more aesthetic. However, many do not expect that the lampshade greatly affects the lighting in the dwelling.

It’s not just a matter of choosing the right type and light, but the use of a lampshade also affects the refraction or beam of light so that it can change the mood in a residence. In addition, the lampshade also provides a stylish decorative element and makes the lamp more durable because it avoids water damage, falling or colliding with other components.

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15 Awesome Decorative Fish Aquarium Design Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Fish Tank Ideas

Having a little space or empty space in the concept of a minimalist home will give a creative idea of ​​space, one example is to make or give the appearance of an aquarium with a minimalist design to enrich the interior of the house. Of course in the minimalist concept, we need precision in choosing the dimensions of the aquarium that we will use or use and usually the type of mini aquarium with a round or square shape with a unique model that usually uses glass or acrylic can be an alternative here.

We will give some examples of models and pictures of small and mini ornamental aquariums which certainly won’t take up much space and space. For the application, you can apply or place it in various rooms in your home such as in the living room, family room, dining room or in the bedroom. In practice, as many of your experiments as possible are in accordance with your creative ideas.

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13 Incredible Modern Bedroom Apartment Design Ideas for a Deep Sleep

Interior Design In Small Loft Area

The bed is one of the rooms in the house, and it is very used for rest. There are some people who have difficulty when designing a bedroom, and the most devoted to private bedrooms is designing a bedroom to make it look comfortable to rest.

If you live in an apartment, you will definitely have trouble organizing your room and creating a comfortable atmosphere with a limited area. Arranging apartment interiors at first may be easier than thinking about home interior design, but if you do the wrong calculations and don’t know the tricks, you can experience unpleasant things. And this time we will focus on bedroom apartment design.

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10 Impressive Small Entryway Ideas For A More Comfortable Apartment

Awesome Small Apartment Decorating

For those of you who want to live in an urban area but can’t build a house, it’s good to live in an apartment. This apartment is the right solution for those of you who want to live in the city and also this apartment is not too expensive. However, the apartment clearly did not have very spacious and luxurious rooms.

Therefore you must pay attention to how your tiny apartment becomes extraordinary. One way that can make your apartment extraordinary is the entrance. The entrance is a significant place to show off your personal style and reflection, along with functional and versatile storage that makes your day easier.

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