15 Awesome Small Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas to Increase the Comfort of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the important elements in the house. Also, the kitchen is one of the areas of power for mothers to prepare food for all family members. So from that, the kitchen must exist. Mothers certainly want a beautiful kitchen with complete facilities. But if the kitchen has a limited area, the design of a small kitchen can also be charming! We can decorate it as much as possible.

Designing a small kitchen design does require qualified ideas and creativity. For mothers who are thinking about small kitchen designs, don’t worry!

Awesome Small Kitchen Design
Awesome Small Kitchen Design

1. A small kitchen with a retro touch

Although very small, this kitchen remains cool with a touch of retro. Of course, cooking becomes fun. Don’t you want?

Retro Revival Kitchen
Retro Revival Kitchen – Source: squarefootageinc.com
Retro Den Kitchen
Retro Den Kitchen – Source: bigchill.com
Must See Retro Big Chill Kitchen Layouts
Must See Retro Big Chill Kitchen Layouts – Source: littleyellowcouch.com

2. Metallic small kitchen design

Material selection is also important so that the design of the small kitchen doesn’t feel narrower. If you want the kitchen wall to be rather dark, the metal material can balance it. Besides being easier to clean, metal materials can also reflect light and make the room illusion look wider in the design of a small kitchen.

Modern Interior Kitchen Design
Modern Interior Kitchen Design – Source: themedium.net
Kitchen Cabinets Metal Vintage
Kitchen Cabinets Metal Vintage – Source: cabinetcity.net
Metal Small Kitchen
Metal Small Kitchen – Source: allstateloghomes.com

3. A small kitchen with a blend of neutral colors

The neutral color of the kitchen design is very soothing. Suitable for you who want an elegant kitchen!

English Kitchen Panel
English Kitchen Panel – Source: dev.stylebyemilyhenderson.com
Dining Room And Kitchen Adorned With Neutral Colors
Dining Room And Kitchen Adorned With Neutral Colors – Source: tqhcl.com
Contemporary Kitchen Chairs
Contemporary Kitchen Chairs – Source: vizhorizon.com

4. Combination of a dining room and open kitchen

Combining a dining room and an open kitchen is the most effective way you can try. For the sake of freedom in cooking.

Open Concept Kitchen Unifies
Open Concept Kitchen Unifies – Source: ward8online.com
Kitchen Dining Room
Kitchen Dining Room – Source: zing.my
Small Kitchen Dining Room Combo
Small Kitchen Dining Room Combo – Source: hrhr8.co

5. Black and white kitchenette

The white walls and countertop tables made of shiny black granite make the design of the small kitchen look luxurious.

Small Modern Kitchen Black And White
Small Modern Kitchen Black And White – Source: goksenmobilya.com.tr
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design – Source: freshpalace.com
Black & White Kitchen
Black & White Kitchen – Source: interiorson.com

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