Create Magic Creations For Your Bedroom This Way

Want to know how to decorate your bedroom easily and not bother? Actually, you only need to know a few basic principles and recognize the elements that can highlight the decorating theme you want. By learning how to decorate your own room like this, any decoration theme you can make easily.

This time, I have compiled 6 ways to decorate rooms that you can apply easily at home. Besides being easy, how to decorate your room does not take a long time and can be done in your free time. Because it’s very effective, you can make it easier to determine what decorative items you need so you can save money many times.

Magic Creations For Your Bedroom
Magic Creations For Your Bedroom

Come soon, see the steps below!

1. Determine the Color Mix

How to decorate your own room must begin by choosing a color scheme. Not only does it determine the exact color of the wall paint, but in the early stages of decorating your own room, you need to think about what colors are suitable when compared to the color of the wall paint. How to determine the color combination can be by adjusting to the color of the furniture and making the color of the decoration elements as complementary colors.

Room Paint Colour Schemes
Room Paint Colour Schemes – Source:
Determine The Color Mix
Determine The Color Mix  – Source:

2. Headboard Area Becomes Visual Space

After determining the color combination, the next step in how to decorate your own room is to determine which part of your room can surprise you. Because the bed is the main element, you can make the area around the bed look more attractive. Game decoration can be applied to the head of the bed.

There are many ways that you can apply in decorating headboards, such as using wallpaper (wallpaper) to coat the surface or hang the cloth on the bed. The most effective way to decorate your own room through a bed headdress is that the room has performed optimally without the need to add other decorative elements.

Headboard Area Becomes Visual Room
Headboard Area Becomes Visual Room – Source:
Headboard Area Becomes Visual Room Ideas
Headboard Area Becomes Visual Room Ideas – Source:

3. Touch and Pattern Ornaments

If you want to show the decor of a bed that is bolder, giving a touch of ornaments and patterns can be a way to decorate the right bedroom. Ornaments and patterns are generally found in the coating decoration elements, such as pillowcases, choice of bed sheets and blankets.

So that the bed looks not too full, how to decorate the room that can be done is to choose one of the three to be an accent. Elongated patterned pillows can be an effective choice

Your Guide To Using Pattern In Your Homes
Your Guide To Using Pattern In Your Homes – Source:
Ornament Touch And Pattern
Ornament Touch And Pattern – Source:

4. Create a Layer

Even so, about decorating a bed, how to decorate a room, the next thing you can do is create a layer. Layering is obtained from fabrics arranged stacked and shows a combination of colors and certain motifs. How to decorate your own room with the layering technique is perfect for those of you who want to combine several types of patterns and motifs in one unit.

Create A Layer
Create A Layer – Source:
Create A Layer Design
Create A Layer Design – Source:

In stacking patterns and colors, try to match them with patterns that have different scales, slipping between fabric elements that have a plain color and are concentrated as a counterweight. How to decorate your own room like this will result in a unified space decoration unit instead of really looking like a full and messy room.

5. The collaboration of various textures

After colors, ornaments, and layers, one aspect that cannot be forgotten from how to decorate your own room is texture. Similar to a combination of patterns and colors, a combination of textures can also be an alternative way to decorate your own room.

The combination of textures can be obtained from the type of material used. Like a cover or lampshade made of woven baskets and knitted headrests that feature rugged organic textures. While the mattress is covered by linen which has a smooth and slippery texture.

Enchanting Unique Wall Decor
Enchanting Unique Wall Decor – Source:
A Collaboration Of Various Textures
A Collaboration Of Various Textures – Source:

6. Maximize the appearance of the wall

The wall is an area in the bedroom that can be fully utilized to decorate the room. How to decorate your own room by utilizing wall media that can be done including arranging photos and frames, installing shelves, or hanging wall decorations.

Maximize The Appearance Of The Wall
Maximize The Appearance Of The Wall – Source:
Maximize The Appearance Of The Wall In Bedroom
Maximize The Appearance Of The Wall In Bedroom – Source:

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