13 Classy House Architectures Design Ideas Will Make You Amaze

Architectural design is an art that is done by every individual to express their imagination and knowledge into a building design. In a broader sense, the architecture includes the design and development in an environment, both micro and macro.

At the micro-level, interior design covers issues of building design, furniture design, and product design. At the macro level, the architectural design includes planning, urban, urban planning, and landscape architecture issues. Architecture is also included in applied art.

In architectural design, each space is generally divided into three zone functions, namely public, private, and service. The public zone concerns functions where space is more likely to be used by people outside of the home user’s core members such as the living room or terrace. The private zone in architectural design is a zone where its function is exclusively reserved only for the nuclear family of residents such as bedrooms. While the service zone is an area where the function is more intended for maintenance and home maintenance activities such as kitchen, warehouse, or a laundry room.

House Architectures Design Ideas
House Architectures Design Ideas

Some architectural styles such as contemporary, modern, minimalist, to classy. The contemporary style has the main element of home architecture that utilizes recyclable materials that are not harmful to the environment. In contrast to contemporary homes, the modern home architecture uses materials that are relatively expensive with high quality such as marble, wood panels, and stone. For minimalist home design has the main characteristics that are simple both form and function. As for the style of the house classy usually combine the whole. Where most of the interiors have the impression of luxury with classy furniture, built accurately and planned.

Well, like the following classy home architecture design. You can make calculations when you want to make a home for your future.

13 Classy House Architectures Design Ideas Will Make You Amaze

Architectural Design
Architectural Design – decorits.com
Building Architecture Design
Building Architecture Design – rock-cafe.info.com
Contemporary House Design
Contemporary House Design – hsn.yapapka.com
Design Architecture Construction
Design Architecture Construction – casa-construct.ro.com
Futuristic House
Futuristic House – architizer.com
Luxury Modern House Design
Luxury Modern House Design – aasarchitecture.com
Minimalist Modern House
Minimalist Modern House – ru.smarthomemaking.com
Modern Architecture Building Designs
Modern Architecture Building Designs – designrulz.com
Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture – architizer.com
Modern Futuristic House
Modern Futuristic House – architizer.com
Modern Luxury House
Modern Luxury House – archdaily.com
Russia Architecture Modern
Russia Architecture Modern – tr.pinterest.com
Tropical House Design Ideas
Tropical House Design Ideas – karmatrendz.wordpress.com

Well, those are some classy home architecture designs that you can make a plan for. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Perfect Dorm Room Decorating Ideas visit here.

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