10 Impressive Ceiling Painting Ideas For Your Small Home

Most of us have a choice of safe white ceilings. After all, almost everything in the room and someone once said a white ceiling made the room feel bigger and brighter. Although this is often true, painting your ceiling as a color other than white is not always a bad choice. In fact, the dramatic effect has many design benefits. If you are tempted to get out of your comfort zone, we have a few tips on adding color to your ceiling and changing your space.

Many designers know that five walls are a key element in a design scheme. Here, we share some of our favorite spaces that feature statement ceilings, unexpected blue varnishes to rustic beams.

Impressive Ceiling Painting
Impressive Ceiling Painting

White Ceiling Paint

White ceiling paint is a neutral color of choice to be applied in a limited size room. White will maximize the reflection of light, making your room look brighter, more open, and wider than actual size. In addition, the application of white ceiling paint is also suitably combined with a variety of color choices for wall paint, and combined with various furniture models.

White Ceiling Paint Ideas
White Ceiling Paint Ideas – Source: wallpapersafari.com
Gorgeous Wall Paint Ideas
Gorgeous Wall Paint Ideas – Source: decorist.com

Light Blue Ceiling Paint

Application of light blue ceiling paint will also give a broad impression on the room and as if to make you are in the middle of a vast ocean or under a clear stretched sky. In addition to making the room look more spacious, the combination of blue will also provide a soothing effect, it can even be combined with various color wall paint so that the interior becomes more charming.

Light Blue Walls Design Ideas
Light Blue Walls Design Ideas – Source: illicitlistening.com
Blue For Bright Bedroom Colors
Blue For Bright Bedroom Colors – Source: thedesigntabloid.com

Pastel Color Ceiling Paint

Another idea, you can use pastel paint colors on the ceiling of your room. This one color is a combination of primary or secondary colors combined with white to produce softer colors. Not only pastel room decoration, but of course ceiling paint can also be colored pastel because it will make your room look more spacious, but still gives the impression of cheerful and not boring which makes all residents feel comfortable.

Interior Paint Color Combinations
Interior Paint Color Combinations – Source: pinterest.nz
Pastel Interior Tones
Pastel Interior Tones – Source: pinterest.ru

Cream Color Ceiling

The next solution, you can apply the cream as a ceiling paint for the house. This soft neutral color is ready to give the impression of spacious and warm in the room making it suitable for application in shared spaces. In order not to look excessive, you can use the same color on the wall, and choose furniture with a neutral color.

Cream Color Ceiling Paint Ideas
Cream Color Ceiling Paint Ideas – Source: finefurnished.com
Best Paint For Ceilings
Best Paint For Ceilings – Source: interiordecoratingcolors.com

Gray Ceiling Paint

You can also get an open impression by applying gray as a ceiling paint. This one color is very fitting to be applied to residential with a minimalist design because it will give a modern impression. You can combine gray on the ceiling with a neutral color on the wall like white, and use wood furniture to give a natural contrast effect.

Beautiful Ceiling Painting Ideas
Beautiful Ceiling Painting Ideas – Source: smyrnaviningsyellowpages.com
Gray Painted Rooms
Gray Painted Rooms – Source: rozhdestveno.info

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