10 Incredible Water Faucet Design Ideas For Your Bathroom Sink

The water tap is one of the devices that we often encounter in everyday life. Whether it’s in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. Water taps certainly play an important role as the last door in flowing water to our homes. But, do you know if there are many inspirational and creative water tap designs?

Well, there are many variations that can be found in creative water tap designs. Suitable for those of you who are bored with standard water tap models. For that, here are 10 futuristic and creative water faucet designs!

Water Faucet Design Ideas
Water Faucet Design Ideas

1. Bandini Shade Water Faucet

The faucet made by the bathroom accessory designer named R. Bandini has a slim physical shape that tends to be thin compared to ordinary and standard water taps. This sleek shape features a modern and elegant effect.

Torrent Mia Bandini 80
Torrent Mia Bandini 80 – Source: keramin.top-santehnika.ru
Bandini Designs
Bandini Designs – Source: pinterest.ru

2. Hansa Latrava Water Faucet

The water tap designed by Octopus Design is unique because the water comes out of the tap. Yes, the elongated shape of the diagonal releases waters vertically, in contrast to ordinary water taps that only come out from one point at the end of the tap.

Hansalatrava – Source: 360.ru
Hansalatrava Electronic Faucet
Hansalatrava Electronic Faucet – Source: designisthis.com

3. Smart Faucet

Faucet designed by Julian Togashi Goncalves prioritizes its appearance using touch screen technology.
Uniquely, this water tap can remove water as desired, starting from the water temperature, water flow, and the color that comes out. Of course, users will be facilitated in managing their hot and cold water needs.

Smart Faucet
Smart Faucet – Source: dragonmartshop.ae
BAKALA Put Out LED Digital
BAKALA Put Out LED Digital – Source: aliexpress.com

4. Oras Water Tap

What makes it different from other water taps is the “tongue” in the middle of the tap which is the point of discharge. The “tongue” faucet can also be arranged in such a way depending on your desires, and determine how the water will come out.

Bathroom Sink Mixer Taps Faucet
Bathroom Sink Mixer Taps Faucet – Source: brunopinkhof.com
Oudan Solid Brass Deck Mounted
Oudan Solid Brass Deck Mounted – Source: adventuresinverdance.com

5. Water Stealth Faucet

Functionally, maybe this water faucet offers a function that is not much different from other water faucets on the market in general. However, more modern & futuristic design makes it worth more than others. This faucet is also very suitable to be placed in the bathroom sink of your home.

Stealth Faucet
Stealth Faucet – Source: thegadgetflow.com
Modern Bathroom Faucets
Modern Bathroom Faucets – Source: enhancedhomes.org

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