20 Gergeous Modern Rooftop Design Ideas

Rooftop design is one of the much talked about exteriors of the house and should not be missed. The rooftop design of the house and its material completeness have an important role in the construction of the house.

Aside from being a design complement, the roof of the house also serves as a protective house. A good roof is a roof that can protect the house from a variety of hazards and natural disasters, small or large. Whether it’s from the rain, the dry season, to large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes. That is the reason why roofs are built differently.

Today many types of roofs are designed for various needs. The roof has also become part of the building that gives the value of art and style to the building. Sometimes, this type of roof design can also build the character of the building.

Outside of its function as an element of protection, a rooftop design can also be the most attractive part of a house. Rooftop house design will also affect the overall concept of a house. Today many architects are designing roof designs with many functions.

Modern Rooftop Design Ideas
Modern Rooftop Design Ideas

Rooftop is used as a place for gathering, resting, throwing parties, barbecues, gardening, and swimming. At present, the rooftop is not only equipped with a garden but also added a kitchen and swimming pool. Not only the room inside the house that has a concept and design, but a rooftop is also something that is very calculated by the homeowner to be designed with several models such as traditional, modern, to luxurious. This is adjusted to the size of the rooftop, budget, and wishes of the homeowner.

Well, some of these gorgeous modern rooftop designs can be an inspiration in your home.

20 Gorgeous Modern Rooftop Design Ideas

Amazing Rooftop Design
Amazing Rooftop Design – zh.luxuryestate.com
Amazing Rooftop Patio
Amazing Rooftop Patio – dwellideas.com
Amazing Rooftop
Amazing Rooftop – fchords.com
Best Rooftop
Best Rooftop – thedailymeal.com
Classic Modern White
Classic Modern White – interiordesignsketches1.blogspot.com
Contemporarry Outdoor Bar
Contemporary Outdoor Bar – pinterest.com
Luxurious Rooftop
Luxurious Rooftop – homesandproperty.co.uk.com
Modern Rooftop Ideas
Modern Rooftop Ideas – news.infurma.es.com
Modern Rooftop
Modern Rooftop – decordemon.blogspot.com
Rooftop Bar
Rooftop Bar – chopstixandthecity.com
Rooftop Design Ideas
Rooftop Design Ideas – urban.com.au.com
Rooftop Front
Rooftop Front – cinilittle.com
Rooftop Garden
Rooftop Garden – pinterest.ru.com
Rooftop Ideas
Rooftop Ideas – archdaily.com
Rooftop Infinity Pool
Rooftop Infinity Pool – pinterest.com
Rooftop Luxury Building
Rooftop Luxury Building – pinterest.de.com
Rooftop Skyscanner Design
Rooftop Skyscanner Design – chicagogenx.com
Rooftop Terrace
Rooftop Terrace – pinterest.se.com
Rooftop With Small Pool
Rooftop with Small Pool – gr.pinterest.com
Small Rooftop
Small Rooftop – justluxe.com

Well, those are some modern rooftop designs that you can try in your home. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read our other articles about Modern Master Bedroom Ideas visit here.

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