9 Best Rooftop Patio Design Ideas With Small Garden

Having a garden at home would be almost everyone’s dream. Besides making the house cool, the presence of the garden also makes the owner calm and comfortable being at home. The existence of a garden can also be an oasis in the middle of busy inside and outside the home.

However, presenting both indoor and outdoor gardens often becomes difficult. This has always been a problem for homeowners with limited land. This is due to the increasingly narrow land or the absence of land, especially you who live in urban areas. It will be so difficult to find a house that has land to be used as a garden. Although the city garden has been provided by the local government. However, we sometimes want to have our own green land.

Well, as a solution, if you have a roof or rooftop in your house, you can use the area as a green roof garden. This actually needs a large and spacious roof. But if you can design it well, then it will become a family favorite place to gather.

This rooftop and mini-garden will become a place that has many benefits, of course, in addition to being a place to gather and relax, with the airpark in your house becoming cooler and fresher. You can do many activities with your family in the rooftop garden such as watching, eating together or gardening on the rooftop.

Rooftop Patio Design Ideas With Small Garden
Rooftop Patio Design Ideas With Small Garden

On the rooftop with this small garden, you can add chairs and tables to decorate your rooftop design. This can also be a plus for your minimalist rooftop design. Besides adding to the beauty of your home’s rooftop design, it can also be a relaxing place for your friends and family. If you have a large area you can also make a gazebo or add a cooking area. Maybe you want to throw a barbecue.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about how to properly use a rooftop or confused how to design it, don’t worry, we will give you some ideas for those of you who want to design a rooftop with the addition of a mini garden as a sweetener.

9 Best Rooftop Patio Design Ideas With Small Garden

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Those are some rooftop design ideas with a small garden. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas For Home visit here.

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