10 Best Monochrome Kitchen Theme Ideas for Decoration 2019

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Monochrome color selection is indeed becoming a trend that is loved by society today. Included in the selection of property in the house. Where every corner of the room will be considered more elegant and modern when applying a similar color selection. One of them is by applying the monochrome color concept to minimalist kitchen design.

The definition of the word monochrome itself is basically what describes a color selection. In Indonesian mono means one and chrome or chrome means color. So if interpreted in full monochrome is the selection of colors from gradations that are similar or in other words is the selection of colors that are one or almost the same. Now, one of the choices of monochrome colors that are currently taken or characterized as distinctive colors from the choice of monochrome colors is black and white. These two color choices become the symbol or characteristic of this one color selection.

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