14 Best Modern Living Room Decoration With Fireplace Ideas

Beautiful Living Room With Fireplace

Nothing makes the room feel more comfortable than a fireplace. Whether it’s a modern, traditional, farmhouse or something completely different, a living room that has a fireplace just feels kinder than it doesn’t. Traditional, transitional, or something in between, a classic fireplace adds elegance and sophistication to almost any room.

As this living room designed by Oliver Burns shows, a fireplace can bring everything together and add a sense of sophistication in a way that no one else can. So we put together easy fireplace ideas that will make you look timeless and stylish no matter how many years it is. From detailed stone to marble and over-the-top modern coats, this fireplace will target any interior design space regardless of whether it snows outside. Continue reading “14 Best Modern Living Room Decoration With Fireplace Ideas”